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About Šolta island

Šolta, a little piece of heaven near Split
Do you like the autochthonous and natural, enjoy hidden beaches and coves? Due to its untouched nature, rich cultural heritage and welcoming locals, this island, situated only nine nautical miles from Split, is just the place for you! Who could resist natural pebble beaches, clear depths, ancient olive groves and picturesque drystone walls, whose beauty renders everyone breathless? Šolta, with its 19 kilometres of length and 4,5 kilometres of width, is a true treasure for nature lovers. So it is no wonder that this piece of heaven was chosen by the Illiyrian Queen Teuta, who, as legend goes, built her castle above the Senjska cove, by the Roman Emperor Diocletian who recognized the pristine cleanliness of the Šolta's local seas and had a fish-pond built precisely in Nečujam and by Marko Marulić, the father of Croatian literature, who used Šolta as inspiration for his poetic expression.
Stomorska, Nečujam, Rogač and Maslinica are four of eight towns situated by the sea. Gornje, Srednje and Donje Selo, and the administrative centre, Grohote, are situated in the inland of the island and offer the experience of typical Mediterranean villages in which time stood still. Hidden along the southern side of the island, are many coves not accessible by car, but which can be found by following the wooden signposts along the main road.
Šolta warmly welcomes you and offers something for everyone: picturesque beaches, miles of paths and promenades, authentic local cuisine (referred to as: domaća kužina), top-quality wines, the sweetest honey and the most healing olive oil. Šolta provides art and culture, offers experience and infinite possibilities. If you visit Šolta once, you will always come back.
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